Get a CPU cooler, HDMI cable, and Display Port cable for free after rebate

If you're in need of a CPU cooler for an older AMD build, you're in luck. Newegg is selling a Rosewill air cooler for free, after cashing in a $16 mail-in-rebate.

There's nothing special about the cooler itself, though it does come with a fan speed controller that you can mount to a PCI expansion slot. Once it's wired to your motherboard's CPU fan header, you can adjust the fan speed by turning the little dial. Of course, that means reaching around to the back of your case each time you want to adjust the fan.

The cooler itself is a basic aluminum block with a copper base plate. A 92mm fan sits on top and provides up to 57.2 CFM of airflow, with noise topping out at 33.4 dBA, according to the specs.

Rosewill said it designed the cooler to be an economic solution for socket AM2 and 939 processors, though it also supports AM3+, AM3, AM2+, 940, and 754 sockets. That means newer Ryzen processors are out of the question, though this would be worth picking up if you have an older AMD system on hand that needs a new cooler, or want to have it as a backup for such a system.

You can grab this cooler here.

That's not the only on Newegg that is free after rebate. You can also pick up a 15-foot white HDMI cable ($14) and a 3-foot black DisplayPort 1.2 cable ($9).

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