Get a Blue Yeti microphone and Logitech C922 Pro webcam for $129

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Buying into a bundle is one way to consolidate your Black Friday deal shopping, and over at Best Buy, you can snag a Blue Yeti microphone and Logitech C922 HD Pro webcam together for $129.99. That's $100 off the list price, and around $50+ less than street pricing has been for the past three months.

The webcam is really what makes this a compelling offer (in terms of the value), assuming you're in need of one. The C922 HD Pro is an upgraded version of the C920 HD Pro, one of the best webcams around. It normally sells by itself for around $80-$90. It can hit 60 fps when recording at 720p or below, and 30 fps at 1080p.

Blue Yeti mic + Logitech C922 HD Pro webcam bundle | $129.99 ($100 off list)

Blue Yeti mic + Logitech C922 HD Pro webcam bundle | $129.99 ($100 off list)
This bundle pairs an all-around excellent microphone with one of our favorite webcams. The combo doesn't always sell at its list price, but you're still saving a good $50+ over what this bundle would normally cost.

We've also long considered the Blue Yeti to be one of the best microphones for streaming, gaming, and podcasting. There are higher quality options for those who have the coin, but the bang-for-buck factor on the Yeti is really good, and even better with this bundle.

It's versatile and easy to set up, too, making it all the more attractive. A sturdy design and clear, high quality audio round out the package. By itself, the Yeti normally sells for between $89 and $129, depending on the day. We've also seen it drop to around $70-$80 on occasion, which is why the inclusion of the webcam propels this into bargain territory.

Even if you catch both the Yeti microphone and C922 HD Pro webcam on sale individually, you're still coming out ahead with this deal.

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