Get 80 percent off Magicka 2 for the next 24 hours

The Magicka series has a lot of die-hard fans, and 2015's sequel trimmed some of the fat and sped up the pace for a much better game. You can get Magicka 2 for a huge 80 percent off today on Bundle Stars

It's a top down co-operative adventure where you play as wizards able to cast all manner of spells. You have eight different base elements to cast with, and you can combine them any which way to create new spells. The amount of variables means there are tens of thousands of combinations to play with, of varying usefulness. Our review of Magicka 2 says it is like Magicka 1 done over again, in a more polished, streamlined, bite-size package. 

Magicka 2 wasn't that expensive to begin with, so with 80 percent off, you won't have to spend much at all to get hours of fun with your friends. The deal only lasts for 24 hours though, and then another game will take its place.

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