Get 75 percent off Cities: Skylines and more in the Paradox sale

Paradox Interactive, developer of some of the best strategy games and the deepest RPGs around, is having a sale today. Find a bunch of deals over at Bundle Stars, and see if anything takes your fancy.

If you're looking for a fantastic city builder, and perhaps if you're looking to recreate Blimpton, a town where you don't need roads, you can get 75 percent off Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition. 

Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV are both also 75 percent off, and they're great if you're looking for some complex grand strategy. If you fancy some strategy in a 20th century flavor, Hearts of Iron IV is 40 percent off.

Maybe role-playing games are more your style, in which case you can get 60 percent off Pillars of Eternity, a wonderfully written RPG which will take up hours of your time. Or you can get Tyranny - Overlord Edition for 40 percent off, which is similar to Pillars except you play as a potentially evil character. 

Dozens of other games and DLC are on offer right now too, so take advantage of the sales while you can.

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