Genshin Impact: Dendro Hypostasis location and how to beat

Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis location - the last phase
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The Dendro Hypostasis may not be quite as fearsome as that nuke dragon or the mirror machine bosses from Sumeru's previous versions, but this new flavour of cube-based boss is still a little trickier than most of its pals. If you plan to fight it, you'll definitely want to make sure you have a Dendro character first, even if it's just lil ol' Collei.

It's also quite a hard boss to find. Like the Hydro Hypostasis of Watatsumi Island, you've got to search around a bit to find the entrance to its underground arena. In this Dendro Hypostasis boss guide, I'll explain where to find it in the Sumeru region, and what you need to do in order to defeat it so you can get Nahida's ascension materials. 

Dendro Hypostasis location: Where to find the boss 

You can find the Dendro Hypostasis in the Sumeru desert, specifically the Land of Lower Setekh, just south of Dar al-Shifa. Since this is a boss you'll likely want to farm again and again, it's a good idea to unlock the waypoint just to the west of the arena. If you head to the waypoint north of Dar al-Shifa, then head south-west along the path through the cliffs, you'll come to an oasis. 

Head south-east past the water and you'll find an updraft on the cliff that will lift you up so you can get to the waypoint. Jump off the cliff to the south-east of that waypoint to find a tunnel leading underground. Run along the tunnel and you'll find yourself in the Dendro Hypostasis boss arena. 

How to beat the Dendro Hypostasis 

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For the most part, this is your typical Hypostasis boss: it'll attack, and in-between its attacks, the core will be vulnerable to damage. Once you get it down to a sliver of HP, like other Hypostasis bosses, it'll start healing itself. This is the trickier part. To defeat the Dendro Hypostasis and stop its healing, you'll need a Dendro character to activate the three nodes that appear using Dendro damage

I'd suggest Collei for this, since she's free, and only needs to fire a few charged shots to activate the nodes. She doesn't even need to be levelled, since this is the only time in the fight you'll need her. When you activate all three, the bar below the bosses health will start to build, and once its full, it'll be defeated.

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