The 2024 Steam Summer Sale is live

Steam Summer Sale 2024: Official Trailer - YouTube Steam Summer Sale 2024: Official Trailer - YouTube
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Right on schedule, the 2024 Steam Summer Sale is here, with big discounts on thousands of games and daily digital stickers to collect.

There's a whole lot of deals to dig through, so we'll have a proper deals roundup once we've had a chance to properly root through the bargain bins. In the meantime, here are a few personal favorites you might dig:

This year's big event also features something new: A "Deep Discounts" section promising "especially great deals on some of the all-time greats." That means 90% off games including Batman: Arkham Knight, Disco Elysium, Civilization 6, and a bunch more. 

Along with the markdowns on games, the Summer Sale also includes some nice cuts on the 64GB and 512GB Steam Decks. Note that this is the original Steam Deck, not the newer OLED model, but it's still a great deal. As hardware hammer Nick Evanson noted earlier this week, the 512GB is the way to go if you can: It's less than $100 more than the 64GB model, and has the "extra fancy etched glass" display that the smaller unit lacks. 

With the discount applied, the 512GB unit also comes in cheaper than the 256GB OLED model, and as anyone who's used Steam for more than a week can tell you, you cannot have too much storage space.

The 2024 Steam Summer Sale is live now and runs until July 11. Note that the Steam Deck sale price is a clearout, so while the discount is set to run until the end of the Summer Sale, they'll only be available while supplies last.

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