Quidditch Champions releases in September, will probably make an ungodly sum of money

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions - Official Reveal Trailer - YouTube Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions - Official Reveal Trailer - YouTube
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Last year's wizard school adventure Hogwarts Legacy notably did not include playable Quidditch, the Harry Potter world's high-flying version of field hockey. That omission created the opportunity for a Quidditch-centric game to appear after the fact and, like Hogwarts Legacy, probably make a gazillion dollars off of the hordes of Potter obsessives out there.

That opportunity hasn't been missed by Warner Bros: Quidditch Champions will release for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC (on Steam and the Epic Games Store) later this year on September 3. The date was announced during today's Summer Game Fest stream.

We first learned about Quidditch Champions last year when it started accepting playtest signups. At that point, the game had already been in development "for several years," according to developer Unbroken Studios.

According to the game's FAQ, it's "a complete, standalone Quidditch experience" that "engages players in the sport of Quidditch and other broomstick adventures alongside friends in a competitive, multiplayer setting."

In other Harry Potter game news, a Hogwarts Legacy director's cut is in production, and it looks like Arkham series creator Rocksteady is working on it.

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