A new multiplayer Harry Potter game promises all the online Quidditch you can't play in Hogwarts Legacy

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions cinematic still
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Remember how it seemed so odd that you can't play Quidditich in Hogwarts Legacy, even though it's the most famous and popular sport in the wizarding world and central to the story of Harry Potter? Anyway, never mind that, because in entirely unrelated news Warner Bros has revealed an all-new multiplayer set in the world of Hogwarts called Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions.

Quidditch Champions came as a complete surprise by way of a tweet that announced not just the game, but also "limited playtest signups" that are now open. It's being developed by Unbroken Studios, the creator of the cancelled Mad Max-style battle royale Fractured Lands, which is also supporting Rocksteady in the development of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which was recently delayed into 2024. It will be published by Portkey Games, a Warner Bros publishing label dedicated to Harry Potter games.

Somewhat unexpectedly given the surprise announcement, an FAQ says the project "has been in development for several years," which I suppose could have been a factor in the decision to exclude Quidditch from Hogwarts Legacy, although nothing has been said in that regard. Neither pricing nor a release date have been announced, but it will be available for PC and unspecified consoles—and apparently there will be more to do than just play Quidditch.

"Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is a complete, standalone Quidditch experience," the FAQ states. "It engages players in the sport of Quidditch and other broomstick adventures alongside friends in a competitive, multiplayer setting."

The FAQ also strongly suggests that while Harry Potter is in the game title, he won't actually be in the game—and, like Hogwarts Legacy, tries to distance itself from Harry Potter creator JK Rowling.

"While Portkey Games are not direct adaptations of the books and films, the games are firmly rooted in the magical universe of the Wizarding World," the FAQ states. "While remaining true to JK Rowling’s original vision, Portkey game developers chart new territory by creating fresh ways for fans to immerse themselves in the Wizarding World.

"Each experience offered under Portkey Games will take place in the wizarding world and will be authentic to it. J.K. Rowling is hugely supportive of Portkey Games and has entrusted the design and creation of the games to WB Games and the developers involved."

Rowling's connection to these games is controversial because of her steadfastly transphobic politics. As we explained earlier in our report on why gamers are fighting over whether or not it's OK to play Hogwarts Legacy, the issue has left fans with a stark and difficult choice: Turn away from a world they love, or support an author whose views they find repugnant? It was a major point of contention surrounding Hogwarts Legacy, as well as the Harry Potter TV series recently announced by HBO, and it will no doubt be the same for Quidditch Champions.

For now, Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is taking signups for "limited" playtests. What exactly the limitations are isn't clarified, but you can dive into more on the official Quidditch Champions Discord server.

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