How to beat the Scadutree Avatar in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring Scadutree Avatar
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The Scadutree Avatar is just one of the optional bosses in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, though the area it resides in is pretty hidden, especially if you're not accustomed to exploring thoroughly. This three-phase boss isn't as difficult as some, but it can still be tricky if you haven't collected enough Scadutree Fragments to power yourself up in the Land of Shadow.

Whether you're looking for some help defeating the Scadutree Avatar or you've heard about this optional boss but aren't sure where to find it, help is at hand. I'll guide you to the Scadutree Avatar's location, as well as give you some tips on how to beat the boss so you can tick another one off the list.


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Where to find the Scadutree Avatar 

The location of the Scadutree Avatar is easily missed if you don't explore the Shadow Keep thoroughly. It can be accessed by taking an elevator in the Church District, once you've drained the area of water. Here's how: 

  • From the Church District Entrance site of grace, jump across to the roof and cross to the stone building beyond. Move along the outer edge and follow it up to the walkway at the outer wall. 
  • Jump across to the big roof with the Fire Knight. From here, jump across to one of the sloping walkways at the far end and onto another roof filled with holes. 
  • Drop down to the beams, then drop down again. Head west and find another Fire Knight. 
  • From here, go out into the hall, take the first left, cross the bridge and deal with the bats, then take the ladder up next to the doorway. 
  • At the top is the big lever mechanism that drains the Church District.

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Now you can head to the lower floor, but watch out for the two Ulcerated Tree Spirits down here. Look for the main cathedral—you'll know it's the right one because of all the fiery exploding enemies. Head towards Marika's headless statue at the back but turn right just before you reach that room. Head into a hall with two staircases at the end and take the door between them. Use the elevator inside, then follow the path until you reach the boss room, making sure to grab any sites of grace on your way.

How to beat the Scadutree Avatar 

This unassuming sunflower isn't as difficult to defeat as it might appear, especially if you know the trick that makes the second and third phases significantly less gruelling.

First up though, you want to bring fire to this fight. If you have a fire-based weapon, like Blasphemous Blade, Mohg's spear, or the Spear of the Impaler, this will make the fight quite a bit easier. Equally, fire-based incantations can work too, though watch out for the boss's slams and charges, especially in later phases. 

Speaking of phases, once you deplete the health bar, the Scadutree Avatar will fall to the ground. Take this opportunity to rush in and perform a critical attack to its head. This ensures that it will start the next phase with 25% less health.

Here are some more tips to help you beat it:

  • Try to hit the Scadutree Avatar's head wherever possible as it takes the most damage
  • Look out for its charge at the beginning of each phase. It will do this three times so get ready to roll to the side at the last minute.
  • In the third phase, when the boss stands up straight and its midsection starts glowing, back away and get ready to roll through the damage of the following explosions. 
  • Rolling to the left dodges most of his swinging attacks, just make sure you back away for the head slam

All in all, this boss isn't too hard to beat, especially if you're using fire and manage to get off the critical attacks between phases. If you're struggling, use the first phase to learn his moves as he only adds his charge to the second phase and the light explosion to the third. Good luck! 

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