Brotato has a DLC and a free, 4-player local co-op expansion incoming

Blobfish have announced that beloved roguelike arena shootfest Brotato will get a full-on DLC and a major feature update this year. The update will be free, and bring in four player local co-op. 

Expansion DLC Brotato: Abyssal Terrors will have more of... pretty much everything that Brotato already has. Abyssal Terrors will come some time "this summer," says the trailer.

The paid DLC Abyssal terrors will bring 20 new waves of enemies and bosses, doubling the base game. There'll also be 10+ new characters, with a wetsuit potato and a weird goggles potato and a kind of crazy-haired goatee potato in the trailer. There's also 10+ new weapons, including a spear gun and some kind of magic wand, I think, and 30-some new items to snag and upgrade to boot.

The free local co-op update will be for up to four players, which is frankly pretty exciting. The update as a whole will also include game balance tweaks and bugfixes, as well as nebulous "new content" that we've no real idea about at this time. I'm hoping for Remote Play Together support.

You can read the entire Brotato: Abyssal Terrors announcement on Steam, where you can also find Brotato for $5 and Abyssal Terrors for wishlisting or what have you. If you've not played and enjoy the genre, I found it a really great choice for the Steam Deck.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.