All Destiny 2 Prismatic fragment locations

Destiny 2 Prismatic fragments - Guardians posing
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In order to fully experience everything in your new Prismatic subclass in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, you'll need to hunt down every Prismatic fragment scattered across the Pale Heart patrol zone. While you can find your alternate supers, grenades, melee attacks, and aspects by completing the campaign and the ‘Lost in the Light’ and ‘Found in the Dark’ quests, the Prismatic fragments require a lot more time and effort to unlock.

Each one is scattered across The Pale Heart, sat in a chest hidden in the environment, or in a chest that needs to be opened by completing a puzzle. Below, you can find a complete guide on how to get them all after the campaign. You will also unlock a few during your first run through of The Final Shape’s missions. 

Facet of Grace location

You can find the first fragment near the Old Tower. Travel to it in The Pale Heart and head out through the bottom by Micah-10. Take a right to the next section of the area, past the blue building, and then look inside the building ahead of you. Here there will be a chest and some enemies to kill. 

Once they are defeated, a message will display saying, 'First Omen is defeated'. There are two more in this area that you need to kill to open the chest. The second is back where you exited the tower, but this time to the left. The third is found back towards the right of where you exited the tower, but this time past the red platform in-between the two buildings.

With all three defeated, a Bound Omen Tormentor will now spawn in the area just outside of the tower. Once you kill the enemy, you can head back to the chest to open it. 

Facet of Mending location

In the same area, you'll want to head towards the entrance to The Pale Heart, where you arrived during the first story mission. On the way, there will be four ghosts to find to activate the next puzzle. The first is resting on a sign-like structure by a canopy, before you enter the area with the Shrieker.

The second is just by the Shrieker itself. As you jump down to the platforms ahead, turn around to find a small staircase, behind it is the ghost. You can find the third as soon as you exit the final Lost City building, and enter the outer forest area of the Pale Heart. Once you exit, turn around and jump up to the overhang from the path you just came through. The ghost is sat on an electrical box. 

The fourth ghost is found resting on the large orange satellite dish-looking object on the main path. With those four ghosts, a message will appear in the corner that says 'A Ghost’s memory cries out in pain'. This memory is all the way at the end of this area, so continue onwards until you see a group of ghosts and the chest. 

To unlock the chest, you will need to activate the ghost and stand on the central plate that appears until it is fully cleansed. You will need to kill all the enemies that spawn around you. Once the plate is cleansed, kill the Subjugator to get the key and open the chest.

Facet of Justice location

Next, head to The Landing and make your way through towards The Refraction until you reach the large crystal room with some runes and a chest in the middle. The goal is to match these runes with the several that will appear along the top of the room once you pick up the red crystal on the platform above.

These runes can only be seen from the opposite side of the arena, so you will need to remember their position, especially as dropping down to look will fail the puzzle. Once you are sure you have the correct rune’s position, head behind it to place the crystal in the holder. A good way to do this is to count how many runes the one you want is from where you picked up the crystal. That way, you can count them back as you walk past them.

Do this correctly for all three runes to spawn a boss, which you need to kill to get the key. With the key, you can open the chest.

Facet of Command location

Head to the Impasse and enter the Cosmodrome wall. Continue through it until you see a wizard and some blocks of ice. On your left, you will see another block of ice behind a destroyed wall, which you can jump through the gap to get behind. 

Here, there are three terminals. The one on the left will produce a Scorch Cannon, which you will need to destroy the blocks of ice, revealing balls of Arc, Solar, or Void energy. You will need to pick up those balls of energy and then place them into the other two terminals so they both have 10 charges.

Each energy ball type is worth a different amount:

  • Arc = 2 charges
  • Solar = 3 charges
  • Void= 4 charges

You need to destroy the ice blocks around this area, in the previous room along the platforms ahead, and in the room after the terminals to fully charge them. Basically anywhere the rooms are frozen. The first terminal needs one Arc charge, and two Void charges. The second needs two Solar charges and two Arc charges. That means you're looking to destroy seven blocks of ice overall and gather seven orbs.

When that is done, some enemies will spawn, as will a Subjugator after a while that you need to kill to get the key to open the chest.

Facet of Bravery location

You can find the next fragment along the Frozen Cosmodrome Wall in The Divide, which can be accessed easily from The Impasse, or during the story mission Ascent.

If you are accessing the mission from The Impasse, you want to head into the entrance of the Cosmodrome Wall, and continue all the way through it (past the previous fragment's location) until you emerge outside into the frozen part. Make your way along the wall, using the wind to carry you from ledge to ledge, and climb up it. 

Eventually, you will see a destroyed plane body and need to walk through it. Before you do, look over the cliff edge to your right to find the chest in the other part of the plane body, below.

The fragment is in the same place during the mission The Ascent; you will just be coming through the Cosmodrome Wall in the opposite direction, so once you go through the plane body, turn to your left and jump down to the other part of the plane to find the chest.

Facet of Defiance location

This time, head back to The Impasse and continue towards The Transgression. Once you reach the second open area here, look to your left to find a large tree trunk. Behind that trunk there is a cave, which you can enter by shooting the darkness ball to protect yourself. You will need to do this continuously throughout the puzzle to ensure you don’t die from the darkness.

Follow the cave all the way to the back and interact with The Black Fleet device to start the puzzle. In this fight, you will need to continuously destroy all the Taken Acolyte Eyes (Eye of Suffering) that spawn throughout this cave. This will drop the enemies' shields, allowing you to kill them. Keep refreshing your buff by shooting the small darkness balls. 

The eyes can spawn towards the entrance, so you will need to head back through the cave pretty regularly. Once you have done this four times, the enemies will spawn and a Tormentor will appear. Kill them to get the key to the fragment chest at the back of the cave. 

Facet of Devotion location

The next fragment can be found in the mission Dissent. At the very end of the mission, after killing the Pillar of Devotion, you will need to escape the area. The fragment is in this escape sequence. When triggered to run away, you will see a few Acolytes ahead. 

Normally, after them, you would take a right, but instead continue straight down the path to find the fragment chest at the end, on your left. 

Facet of Sacrifice location

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The next fragment is located in the Iconoclasm mission. Fairly late into the mission, you will see a War Beast statue that has been torn into several parts. Turn to your left to find a room. Look up and to your right to see a small ledge you can climb to by the light. At the end of this path, you can find the chest with the fragment. 

Facet of Solitude location

The final Fragments can be found by creating Memories from Dark memories. Dark memories can be found from the darkness chests that spawn around the three main areas in The Pale Heart. Completing one of the puzzles or killing all the enemies will give you a vestige. Five vestiges will turn into a memory, which is marked on the map. You need the memory to see the chest.

The Facet of Solitude is obtained from the Memory: Impassive Darkness, which is located on the edge of the map, on a rock, to the left of the entrance to The Transgression.

Facet of Honor location

The Facet of Honor requires you to do the same thing. Collect five darkness vestiges from the chests and then you will get the Memory: Divisive Darkness. The memory for this is along the Cosmodrome Wall in The Divide. Head through there from The Impasse and once you reach the peak of the wall outside, you want to stick along the right edge of the cliff. Here you will find the chest on a balcony below you.

Facet of Awakening location

The final three fragments are found from Vestiges of Light. These are obtained from the Cyst missions which are unlocked from Micah-10’s post campaign questline. To get to this point, you will need to finish The Final Shape’s campaign, complete the Queens, part one mission as a part of the Destined Heroes exotic quest, and then progress all of Micah’s initial Convalescence quests until you unlock the Alone In The Dark quest. 

This is a repeatable quest that will unlock each of the Cysts for you to enter. Within these Cysts you can get Vestiges of Light from random glowing enemies, with five of them forming a memory, which houses one of the Prismatic fragments. 

With the Memory: Refractions of Light, you want to head to The Seclusion area. When you get outside, continue until you reach the weaving branches emerging within and between rocks. On one of the branches you can find the chest, which you simply have to climb to get.

Facet of Dominance location

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Memory: Seclusions of Light is for the Dominance fragment. Head to The Seclusion from The Blooming, and as soon as you enter the area with Zavala’s house, turn to your left and look for a log, resting on a rock by a waterfall. The chest will be sitting on the top of this rock. 

Facet of Generosity location

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You can find the Memory: Blooming of Light in The Blooming, by the big tree in the centre of the area. With that, you have all the Prismatic Fragments and have completed your subclass!