Here are the Zenless Zone Zero launch times and release date

Zenless Zone Zero — three of the game's characters lounging in (and on) a car between missions.
(Image credit: HoYoVerse)

The Zenless Zone Zero launch time is nearly here for all of you anime fans awaiting the next character-based action game from the gacha magnates at Hoyoverse. This one's going to be a change of pace if you've been embroiled in the turn-based battles of Honkai Star Rail lately but perhaps not as daunting to those still well-versed in Genshin Impact. 

This newest action battler is a sort of mix between Persona 5 and Street Fighter according to our most recent Zenless Zone Zero hands-on time. Even if it's taxing your reflexes, at least it won't be taxing your PC because the ZZZ system requirements are rather forgiving.

When is the Zenless Zone Zero release time? 

The global release time for Zenless Zone Zero is 7 pm Pacific / 10 pm Eastern on Wednesday, July 3. You can check your local time equivalent but here's how that breaks down in some other time zones:

  • 7 pm PDT, July 3 (Los Angeles)
  • 10 pm EDT, July 3 (New York)
  • 3 am BST, July 4 (London)
  • 12 pm AEST, July 4 (Sydney)
  • 2 pm NZST, July 4 (Auckland)

Preloading for Zenless Zone Zero began on July 2, so you can already start downloading it in the HoYoPlay app right now. It will also be available at launch on the Epic Games Store, but preloading is happening through Hoyo's own launcher.

At launch, Zenless will have four different servers to choose from: Americas, Asia, Europe, and Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, Hoyoverse says. Be mindful of that Americas versus Europe split, because switching servers isn't supported, the developers warn.

Though you won't be able to do anything with them just yet, make sure to grab the Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 livestream codes too. Just like with Honkai and Genshin, those codes will net you some in-game currency freebies when you redeem them, so tuck that away for launch day.

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