GameCityNights festival to tour UK in partnership with Edge, Maxis and EA

Nottingham's annual GameCity festival is going nationwide, touring the length and breadth of the UK (and beyond!) throughout the year to celebrate all that is good and great about gaming. If you've never been before, definitely pop your head in as the cosy after-dark GameCityNights swings past. It's right up there with Nottingham's other exports: the industrial revolution, lace-making and the redistribution of wealth by dashing young men in forest green tights.

“After three years of Nights gigs in Nottingham and loads of brilliant guests and audience members, it seemed like a good time to share the love," says Iain Simons, director of GameCity. "The one thing we love more than doing GameCityNights events is driving – so this really is the ideal combination for us."

Loads more details of the event are soon to come, but given the festival's partners - SimCity, Maxis, EA and Edge magazine - it's guaranteed to feature loads of playable games, intimate talks and (going by past form) rowdy panels with industry luminaries. There's also the GameCity Arcade: a free space for indie devs to put their games in the hands of you, the noble gaming public. All the games will also feature on Edge's website .

“So if you've got something to say or a game to show, get in touch,” says Simons.

Check out the trailer and current confirmed dates below. For more, visit

November 13: National Media Museum, Bradford

November 20: BFI Southbank, London

November 21: Dublin Science Gallery, Dublin

January 24: Antenna, Nottingham

January 29: Arnolfini, Bristol

January 31: Junction,Cambridge

February 5: MAC, Birmingham

February 22: Animated Exeter Festival

February 23: GEEK2013, Margate

February 25: Carriageworks, Leeds

February 26: FACT, Liverpool