Game devs: Showcase your game at E3 2019 in the PC Gaming Show

I know, I know: it's February, not June. But we're already beginning work on this year's PC Gaming Show at E3, the annual showcase of new games, unseen gameplay footage, and first-reveals we put on on behalf of our favorite platform. 

As ever, we want to make sure indie games have a prominent spot on the E3 stage. If you're making an exciting unannounced game, we'd love to include it in this year's lineup of announcements. Be a part of Twitch's most-viewed day of the year as we broadcast live from E3 2019.

To submit your game for PC Gaming Show consideration, fill out this quick form. We can't wait to hear about what you're working on, and all information is confidential. For more information, you can also reach PC Gamer Global Editor-in-Chief Evan Lahti at

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