Fortnite item shop: X-Men's Gambit and Rogue join the battle royale

fortnite gambit rogue
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X-Men's most star-crossed lovers, the card-slinging Gambit and the white-haired Rogue, have joined the Fortnite universe as the latest item shop skins. The pair are also joined by a bevy of new X-Men-themed cosmetics. It's a little late for Valentine's Day, but we don't mind when love (and explosive cards) are in the air.

Below, we've got a guide to all the cosmetics included with Gambit and Rogue and how to get them.

Gambit's Fortnite cosmetics

fortnite gambit rogue

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Gambit's classic trenchcoat and facemask are on full display, but he's also got some classic X-Men trinkets to bring onto the battlefield.

  • LeBeau's Bo Pickaxe: For the unfamiliar, Gambit's real name is Remy Etienne LeBeau, and one of his most iconic tools is his telescoping staff. Handy for dealing damage and the occasional dance number.
  • Kinetic Cards back bling: Of course, it wouldn't be Gambit without exploding playing cards, and this fiery back bling lets you flaunt the mutant power without worrying about blowing yourself up.
  • Suit Surfer glider: One of Fortnite's rare gliders that you can actually surf on, it's basically a giant fiery card.
  • Deal 'Em Out emote (seen below)

Rogue's Fortnite cosmetics

fortnite gambit rogue

(Image credit: Epic Games)

For movie fans, Rogue might be one of the most familiar X-Men. Originally played by Anna Paquin in 2000's X-Men, Rogue's a bit of a tragic tale, what with her mutant power to sap the lifeforce and powers from anyone she meets. Fortunately, in the decades since her introduction, she's figured out how to manage her powers and make a physical connection with her husband Gambit. Now she's beating up dudes in Fortnite. Here's what's included with Rogue.

  • Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters back bling: A big green X on your back might make you a bigger target, but at least you'll look cool while being shot at.
  • Holo X-Axe: A new pickaxe that's one part energy sword and other part X-Men branding.
  • Blackbird glider: Easily the star of the cosmetics show, you can finally swoop in on the X-Jet.
  • Hands Off emote (seen above)

Gambit and Rogue should stay in the Fortnite item shop for a couple of days, but they've already been in there for a little while, so don't wait if you're absolutely dying to play as one of the superhero lovebirds.

You can buy Rogue and Gambit as a bundle for 2,100 V-bucks, but be warned that Epic has split up the cosmetics a bit unusually this time. If you want to get any of the pickaxes or gliders, you'll have to buy those separately or in a different bundle.

When you're done with the mutants, check out our Fortnite guides page for more info on the newest skins and challenge walkthroughs.

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