Galak-Z's free expansion 'The Void' enters beta today

Galak-Z screenshot - lava bug

Galak-Z was one of the hidden gems of 2015 – a viciously difficult twin-stick shooter set in procedurally generated, anime-influenced space mazes. I haven't managed to finish it yet, but for those who have, the forthcoming The Void expansion will be very welcome. It adds an endless mode tied to leaderboards, providing a decent reason to boot the game up every day.

It's not yet finished, but you can still play it: studio 17-bit has kicked off a beta on Steam, and while anyone is free to take part you'd best heed this warning – all leaderboard placements will be wiped once the expansion launches proper. If the prospect of that happening doesn't infuriate you, go ahead.

The endless mode isn't the only addition. There's also a daily challenge, which tasks players with getting the highest score on the same level layout. For details on how to take part in the beta, click over here.

Galak-Z reviewed very well when it released for PC late last year. In his review, Chris Schilling wrote that its "challenging but immaculately calibrated controls power an exciting and enormously rewarding sci-fi roguelike."

Shaun Prescott

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