Fuser, the DJ rhythm game from Harmonix, is coming in November

(Image credit: Harmonix)

We said in February that "2020 finally has an exciting music game on the horizon," an accolade we delivered to Fuser, the upcoming DJ rhythm game from Harmonix. It sounded just as promising in our June preview: "The robust mixing technology that Harmonix has built makes experimenting with music totally effortless," Rachel wrote. "I love the feeling of exhilaration when everything just works together, but also the joy when I've created an unholy mess."

Fuser has been slated to come out sometime this fall, and today Harmonix, whose previous releases include the hit music games Guitar Hero and Rock Band, nailed that down to November 10. That's getting a little late in the "fall," but it still technically qualifies: Winter this year starts on December 21.

Last week, Harmonix also gave followers their first look at Fuser's collaborative multiplayer mode. Up to four players will take turns at "the decks," which I guess are what kids these days use instead of guitars, after which "it's time to see who had the hottest mix."

Fuser is available for pre-purchase on Steam and the Epic Games Store. You can find out more, including a list of songs that will come with the game, at fuser.com.

Andy Chalk

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