FSP's newest power supplies are built to outlive your gaming PC

FSP is releasing a new line of efficient power supplies that are 80 Plus Platinum certified. They use high end components and come with the promise of tight voltage regulation within +/- 1 percent for stable performance. FSP is so confident in the design that its new Hydro PTM models are warrantied for 10 years.

That's an eternity in PC hardware, especially when you're talking about a gaming PC. Case in point, do you remember what your gaming rig looked like 10 years ago? You might have been running an Intel Core 2 Duo processor paired with something like a GeForce 8800 GTS, and maybe even a 10K RPM WD Raptor hard drive. Even if you went all out, you wouldn't get very far trying to play today's most demanding games with the eye candy cranked up.

Long warranty aside, FSP's new Hydro PTM units (not to be confused with its Hydro PTM+ PSUs, which are liquid cooled) are fully modular. They also ship with flat ribbon cables to make capable routing and management easier.

There are three wattage options available—550W, 650W, 750W. Each one utilizes a single +12V rail design with 45.84A available on the 550W model, 54.17A available on the 650W model, and 62.5A available on the 750W PSU.

Connectors also vary by model. The 550W PSU comes with a 24-pin ATX connector, a 4+4 pin connector, four 6+2 PCIe connectors, 8 SATA connectors, 3 peripheral connectors, and a floppy connector. FSP's 650W comes with a similar set of connectors except that it bumps the SATA count to 12.

As for the 750W model, it has a 24-pin ATX connector, two 4+4 pin connectors, six 6+2 PCIe connectors, 14 SATA connectors, 5 peripheral connectors, and a floppy connector.

FSP did not give an availability date or expected pricing for these PSUs.

Paul Lilly

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