FSP is bringing a liquid cooled power supply to Computex

TechPowerUp via FSP

TechPowerUp via FSP (Image credit: TechPowerUp via FSP)

The idea of running water through a PC power supply, that little box of electricity that keeps the whole operation going, admittedly makes us a bit squeamish. Nevertheless, that's exactly what FSP intends to do at Computex. It's there that FSP will show off its Hydro PTM+, a new PSU model developed in collaboration with Bitspower that combats heat with liquid cooling.

FSP claims its Hydro PTM+ is the world's first mass produced liquid cooled PSU that is 80 Plus Platinum certified. That is probably true, though as HardOCP points out, Koolance came out with a couple of liquid cooled PSUs around a decade ago. Neither of those models were 80 Plus Platinum certified, hence FSP's accurate claim.

The Hydro PTM+ is a 1,200W PSU, though once it's connected to a liquid cooling loop and has water flowing through it, the power rating jumps 200W to make it a 1,400W PSU.

As to efficiency, FSP says the Hydro PTM+ has an array of integrated sensors to keep an eye on things. It runs in silent mode when there is less than a 50 percent load, during which time it can deliver 600W without the use of a fan for cooling.

FPS acknowledges that there obvious concerns about safety when running water through a power supply, but that it was motivated by the apparent demand for such a thing.

"This revolutionary new liquid cooled PSU is the first in the industry. It has been demanded by many PC building enthusiasts who have long been wanting an innovative solution to cool off their PSU both effectively and aesthetically pleasing," FPS says. "There were many safety concerns of running water in an electrical equipment in the past but we made it possible today through our continuous research, development and partnered with Bitspower’s advanced technology."

The Hydro PTM+ looks to be a fully modular PSU. It will also feature RGB lighting, just in case it needs an additional selling point.

There is no mention of price, but given the high wattage, 80 Plus Platinum certification, and ability to integrate into a liquid cooling loop, we fully expect the Hydro PTM+ to cost several hundred dollars.

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