From Moe's Tavern to Krusty Burger, this Viking is recreating The Simpsons locations in Valheim

Simpsons House recreated in Valheim
(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios / 20th Television Animation / OhhhBoyyyyy on Reddit)

After a couple decades of teasing us about the true location of Springfield in The Simpsons, creator Matt Groening finally admitted it was in the state of Oregon after all. But don't be too sure! These images and videos from a dedicated Valheim builder present a pretty strong case that Springfield is actually located in the 10th Norse world.

Reddit member OhhhBoyyyyy has been hard at work recreating some famous locations from The Simpsons in Valheim, like Homer and Marge's house at Evergreen Terrace, Moe's Tavern, and Krusty Burger. And they're not only beautifully created and decorated, they're surprisingly accurate.

video_tour_of_the_simpsons_house from r/valheim

The Simpsons house has Homer's hammock, Bart's treehouse, and Santa's Little Helper's doghouse (and a wolf to stand-in for the Simpsons pet itself) in the backyard. Inside there's the iconic living room (complete with a TV tuned to Itchy & Scratchy), the sailboat painting above the couch, and a mug of beer (Duff, no doubt) for Homer. You can see more pictures of the house here. And check out Moe's Tavern below, complete with pool table, the rarely-used booths, and a couple glasses of Flaming Moe's on the shelf behind the bar.

come_enjoy_some_duff_mead from r/valheim

Each Simpsons build took between 6-8 hours, OhhhBoyyyyy told us when we contacted them via Reddit. "The trickiest thing about them is probably keeping things as authentic as possible. Sometimes things change from episode to episode and I really like to keep it as accurate as I can."

These first few buildings might just be the start. "I would love to recreate a whole Springfield if it were possible," OhhhBoyyyyy said. Possible future buildings could be Comic Book Guy's store and King Toot's Music Store (canonically located next door to Moe's). 

krusty_burger_video_tour from r/valheim

As for coming up with the idea to use Valheim to build The Simpsons locations in the first place: "I've been thoroughly enjoying Valheim's captivating environments and rewarding building system," OhhhBoyyyyy said. "After a while I was starting to run out of ideas for interesting and new projects to work on. Until I realized it might be fun to build things that already exist and in a way that has brought joy to me throughout my life in shows/movies like The Simpsons."

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