From Dust release date announced, new trailer beats back a tidal wave

Ubisoft's enigmatic god game, From Dust, will be out on PC on July 27. Among other things, the game lets you grab a ball of lava from a volcano and use it to gently rub new terrain into existence. You can also use it to blow up weird bulbous plants to release torrents of water, or just drop it on some peasants if you're feeling vindictive. The aim is to guide a tribe across the landscape by beating that landscape into a new shape using your godly will.

The terrain deformation and water technology look amazing, but will there be enough of a game there to make all that mass destruction worthwhile? We'll find out om a few weeks. VG247 report that From Dust will hit Steam and the Ubisoft store at the budget price of $19.95. You'll find more info on the official From Dust site .

Tom Senior

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