Free-to-play sci-fi shooter Ironsight debuts on Steam today

Ironsight is a free-to-play sci-fi military shooter set in a near-future that's been devastated by natural disasters. As is the way of things, the world has split into two factions, constantly at war over what few natural resources remains, including a new and powerful energy source called Trinitium. It's been in open beta since February 2018 at, but today the beta will finally make the move to Steam.

The move to Steam comes alongside a major content update that will add a pair of new maps to the game: Station, set in a Russian train station enveloped in snow, and, Discovery, a mysterious industrial compound hidden within a dense jungle that provides a natural home for snipers. The update also adds a new weapon, the Type 89 Assault Rifle, and a FlyTrap drone that will shield players from incoming grenades. A new Capture the Flag mode has been added—the Station map was actually designed for CTF play—and there's also a new Battle Pass on offer, with new missions and exclusive rewards.

Prior to the open beta release last year, Ironsight was in closed beta testing in South Korea—it's developed by South Korean studio Wiple Games—and as we noted at the time, it looks pretty solid: It had 14 maps and more than 100 weapons, and the drones play a major part in the action as well, enabling players to drop napalm, set off EMPs, or fortify defensive positions. And it doesn't look too bad, either. The Quiet-style sniper bikini seen in the trailer is ridiculous and embarrassing, yes, but there's a Deus Ex visual vibe to some of the locations and outfits that I really like.

Ironsight is listed on Steam now and will go live later today. (The exact time hasn't been set, but should be before 12 pm ET.) More information is up at

Andy Chalk

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