Free-to-play military shooter Ironsight will begin open beta testing in February

The near-future military shooter Ironsight, which began closed beta testing late last year, will move into open beta on February 1, publisher Aeria Games announced today. The open beta will feature "a broad range of new content," including four maps, a new mode, and a new mission. 

Ironsight pits the North Atlantic Forces against the Energy Development Enterprise Networks in a battle for the few natural resources that remain on Earth in the year 2025. It features familiar game modes including Search and Destroy and Team Deathmatch, and a couple that are less self-evident called Secure Point and Resource Takeover. Two co-op modes that play out against enemy AI are also available. 

Players have access to more than 100 customizable weapons and a variety of offensive and tactical drones and mechs. The battles themselves will take place on familiar locations from around the world, each with variable terrain and weather patterns. 

Ironsight free to play, although as usual you can throw money at it if you like through one of three Founder's Packs that go for $20, $50, or $100, each containing a mix of in-game currency, loot crates, emotes, weapons, and other handy accouterments. Purchasing one of the packs will also get you into the action a couple of days early in a pre-beta phase that will get underway on January 30. Full details and relevant links are available at

Andy Chalk

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