Free-to-play battlemage royale Spellbreak launches on September 3

Spellbreak, the free-to-play fantasy battle royale has been in development for a while and playable for much of that time during a series of betas. It's now preparing for full launch on September 3. The announcement comes with a pretty kick-ass cinematic trailer you can check out above.

Normally cinematic trailers aren't anything to get too excited about, but this one is great—plus it shows some actual gameplay footage mixed in with the animation. The trailer kinda reminds me of the Thundercats intro. Lots of strong, graceful figures jumping and zooming around and showing off all their awesome powers to some excellent music.

And the powers in Spellbreak really are lots of fun. In this battle royale you're a mage, and you can arm yourself with various gauntlets that give you fire, ice, wind, earth, electricity, and poison powers, and you can combine them in interesting ways. Hurling a boulder through a wall of flame gives you a flaming boulder. Blast poison into a tornado and you've got a toxic vortex. Melt ice into water with flames, and electrify it with lightning for an area attack. Not only are the power combos inventive, they're beautiful to look at. Spellbreak basically turns you into a magical superhero.

If you didn't play Spellbreak during the beta phases, you'll be able to play for free on September 3. Here it is on the Epic Games Store.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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