Free Rambo: The Videogame DLC will be out tomorrow


I can't say for certain why we didn't review Rambo: The Videogame around these parts, although I suspect the fact that it was pretty awful may have been the deciding factor. The PC version rocks a 34 aggregate score on Metacritic, which is actually ahead of the Xbox 360 edition (28) and the PS3 (23, yowch). Despite that, and the fact that it came out more than two years ago, a new DLC expansion called Baker Team will be released for the game tomorrow. At this point I like to imagine at least a couple of you tying bandannas on in expectation.

Baker Team is an original Rambo story that takes place during his Green Beret days in the Vietnam War, in which our titular hero, along with Barry, Messner, and Danforth, must undertake three dangerous missions deep inside enemy territory. The DLC will add new weapons, perks, and achievements, as well as a higher level cap and a new “John Rambo” difficulty setting, for players who think Green Beret toughness just isn't tough enough.

In case there was any question (because there probably should be), Jaspreet Singh Marwaha, a marketer and “design contributor” on the game, said on Twitter that this is not a joke. "There were some problems, finally got them all approved and we felt that we owed it to everyone that wanted it," he explained.

The Baker Team expansion will be free, while the game itself remains at $13/£10 on Steam.

Andy Chalk

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