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Free games of the week

Mama Possum by Kevin Snow, Cassandra Khaw, George Kavallines, Priscilla Snow

Mama Possum is not just a game where behemothic creatures meet; it's a game where titanic creators converge, including Southern Monsters' Kevin Snow, and sometime PC Gamer contributor/author Cassandra Khaw. It's a well-paced and imaginative interactive fiction game with some gorgeous artwork, and one heck of a premise: "two sisters, a truck driver and a housewife, fend off a Kaiju apocalypse in the Great Smoky Mountains with their mech Mama Possum." I like that the background image isn't entirely static, as it may first appear. The view out of the front window changes a bit, while various buttons need to be prodded to perform the relevant actions at points in the story.

The Sky House by Amidos

I don't think I'll ever turn my nose up at a Metroidvania, even if I have enough in my game library now to last me until I acquire the enchanted boots of double-jumping myself. I'd describe The Sky House as "minimalist", a term that tends to mean 'focuses on atmosphere' but also sometimes 'is ruddy challenging'—and it's the latter definition in this case. Dodge laser beams, spikes, and other cruel things as you jump, fly, and watch a really lovely falling animation in a facility that's pretty determined to make you dead, over and over again.

I'll Take You To Tomato Town by David Czar, Emma Mochi, Mark Sparling, adamgryu

As well as being an entry in The Big Book of Chat-Up Lines, "I'll take you to tomato town" is the name of a fab first-person nonsense-'em-up that has much in common with Supermarket Sweep. You should absolutely search for that Dale Winton game show on YouTube if you haven't heard of it, and when you're done, please return here to give Ludum Dare game a go. As a shop assistant on a strict time limit, and with big wobbly arms for some reason, you have to rush around the market grabbing items for lazy customers, who communicate to yours truly over the phone. There's no Winton, sadly, in this enjoyably hyperactive game, but there are tomatoes, and lots of them.

Mushroom Delicieux by Trasevol_Dog

There should be no point when you're not stuffing your gob in Mushroom Delicieux, a fast-paced action game set at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Well, not literally, but you're lucky enough to find yourself in an untouched and entirely uneaten forest environment, with enough mushrooms to satisfy your seemingly endless stomach. The only problem is that the forest eventually fights back, its various beasties tracking you down as you hunt down those delicate, delectable fungi. This is a wonderfully chaotic and boisterous game.

The Lost Strawberry by egordorichev

Fans of Celeste will want to tuck into The Lost Strawberry, a Pico-8 platformer that's similarly concerned with tactical jumping and tense air-dashing. It's also a very, er, strawberry coloured game, which can make it difficult to decipher the environment at times. Still, there's some solid platforming on offer here, along with the best part of any jumping game: a hinty, punny room name plastered over the screen.