Free games of the week

Suggestion Box by beetosu

This is pretty much That Bit In The Simpsons Where The Newly Oil-Rich School Board Approves Willy's Diamond Slop Bucket: The Game. With a rubber 'approved' stamp in hand, you're presented with a pile of crazy company initiatives, from giving fish important jobs in the media, to creating a hotel specifically for birds. The writing's great in Suggestion Box, so it's worth reading the newspaper clippings that illustrate the results of your dumb actions, as you attempt to balance pleasing your shareholders with keeping your customers happy. (Via Warp Door.)

The Red Mummy by z_bill

It's rare to come across a game with such a unique look. The David Hellman-esque The Red Mummy is partly an exploration-based platformer, and partly an interactive comic book—it's a little like Comix Zone, but with labyrinthine leaping in place of Streets of Rage-style brawling. As a new arrival in Hell, or a place very much like Hell, you're on the lookout for your arms and legs, both of which have been snaffled and secreted around the underworld. Tough break.

Legend of Xenia 2 by Baku

An entry to the brilliant Low Rez Jam, this Legend of Xenia sequel once again takes the form of a Link's Awakening-style action-adventure. It's a top-down game with a variety of fun spells to sling at slimes and the like, and it looks great despite it's strict 64x64 resolution.

Pet the Pup at the Party by Will Herring

Rather than hovering in the kitchen pretending to do something on your phone, your tactic for surviving parties in the appropriately named Pet the Pup at the Party is to seek out the resident dog with all the urgency of a heat-seeking missile. Against a severe time limit, you have to follow the woofs and search every cranny of every room for the adorable pup, before being whisked away to another party to do the same. If you want, I suppose, you could also chat to some of the party-goers, whose eyes, somewhat alarmingly, will follow you wherever you go.

Archimoulin by Nicolas Duboc, Sarah Duhterian, Adrien Feugère & Antonin Jury

Blimey, this is one attractive game: a mixture of adventure game and platformer boasting a sumptuous, hand-drawn art style. You've elected to find the ingredients for a scrumptious medieval cake, ingredients that have been squirreled away in every corner of Archimoulin's beautiful world.