Free games of the week

Worst Guest by Stephen Lavelle

I...I can't help but wonder where the idea came from for this ridiculous, scatological short story—if it's based on a real event, then the universe is very strange indeed. You are the worst guest in Stephen 'Sausage Roll' Lavelle's Worst Guest, a first-person OMG-'em-up where the inciting incident is the discovery is a tangled ball of hair and semen in a blocked shower drain.

This is a dark, odd comedy you get to enact yourself, you lucky thing, by taking part in minigames including Jacking Off Into The Sink, and Doing A Poo. It's gross, but the hilariously dismayed reactions of the homeowner could justify just about anything, in this enjoyably dumb, preposterously interactive toilet adventure.

Where The Goats Are by Memory of God

The goats are over there, and the chickens are right there, in this gorgeous isometric farming game. It's not a farming game in the Stardew Valley sense, as this is a short narrative experience that gives you control over an elderly woman who saunters...very slowly...from point to point. As the introduction sadly explains, Tikvah is all alone in the world, and I'd love to say things only get better from there.

Seed by BorjaZoroza

Inspired by The Blair Witch Project, Seed is atmospheric horror game that deposits you in the dark, dark woods, thankfully with a flashlight for company. There are the makings of a more fulsome horror adventure in this short proof-of-concept, which strangely reminded me of Condemned (minus the murderous mannequins and pipe-wielding hobos.)

The Tomatoes are OK by Dan Sanderson

Here's another farming game that's, er, not actually a farming game, although it differs significantly from Memory of God's sad journey. The tomatoes might be OK (to begin with at least), but just about everything else is off, in this bizarre and increasingly unsettling first-person adventure.

I'm still not over the now-established 'flickery VHS screen' effect, and while Tomatoes leans pretty heavily on that filter, it's still an effective way to smooth over the rough edges of starkly low poly games. This is another entry in the deeply exciting 'haunted videotape' genre I just invented: games that use the ambiguity of analogue media to add a layer of rich texture over their work. (Via Warp Door)