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Free games of the week

Antenna Dilemma by Goloso Games

A holdover from t'other week's Adventure Jam, Antenna Dilemma is set in a world where people are addicted to television (imagine that), a land where the government is using the gogglebox keep the population dulled and in-line. This is a nice little adventure with a fun premise and a lovely final act, so there's not much of a dilemma here after all.

7 by sman!

7 is a wonderfully minimalist puzzle game that varies up its mechanics as you progress. To begin with, as a gamboling little stick figure in a near-featureless overworld, you have to use the mouse to plonk down blocks that you can use to reach higher platforms. You can also, strangely, communicate with the computer/an unseen character with the keyboard, although I don't remember this having any effect upon the game. Always surprising until the end, 7 is a playful little puzzler that will only occupy ten minutes or so of your time.

The Long Road Ahead by Cellar Vault Games

It doesn't quite wrap up as you might expect, but I like the novel setting, and I love the papercraft aesthetic of this short horror story, which was just interactive enough to keep me feeling engaged. Late for a visit to his parents' house, a lad on a bike decides to head down a supposedly haunted road—a road where it's said you'll die if you look back, even for a second. Oddly, this doesn't extend to the character movement, which allows you to walk (and to look) right and left freely during a couple of scenes.

A Tale of Paper by OpenHouseGames

You play as an origami boy in this beautifully constructed platforming adventure, in which you can morph into a variety of papery forms. I particularly like how (ready the sick bucket) 'organic' the world feels, with the various platforms, enemies and so on feeling like natural parts of the environment. So platforms are not magically floating objects but piles of carelessly stacked boxes, while your enemies are those robotic vacuum cleaner thingies that are on a mission here to hoover you out of the world.

Sword and Plow by FrankieSmileShow

Sword and Plow combines the RPG with the gardening game, or at least that's what it says on the, well, not tin exactly—that's what it says on the page description, let's say. The RPG part reminds me of brill JRPG roguelike One Way Heroics, in that you're disallowed from moving backwards across the fantasy overworld. Here you can't go down, while encounters will randomly pop up at you as you move upwards, including enemies, traders, and treasure chests.

Occasionally you'll find a seed that you can plant in a patch of soil. Soil that, I guess, you're carrying around with you? This will grow potions and veg over time. It's a smaller part of the experience than I was expecting, given the title, but overall this is a deep, enjoyable RPG that you'll want to attempt at least a handful of times.