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Free games of the week

Dullahan by like, a hundred bears


Dullahan is a Castlevania-like that will really make you *cheeky wink* lose your head, which is to say that it's a GameBoy-styled platformer that allows you to plonk things like keys and bombs into your gaping neckhole. This is a neat mechanic, once you realise that Up and Attack uses keys, and the aesthetic feels quite authentic to the era, but it is stupid and frustrating to have to restart the entire thing upon death.

Telepath by Spotline


Wow. If you're using Chrome you'll need to download Telepath to play it, but it's worth it for the extraordinary way it uses shaders to create multiple worlds within the same space. The world's default state is blank and featureless, and to see it how others see it (or, I guess, for a window into their minds), you have to pass through them like a ghost. Each entity houses a world, of nature or numbers or skyscrapers, but you can only witness it while you're passing through their form. This is seriously smart stuff, from the developer of Ultimate Pate and The World Beneath.

Totem by Ian MacLarty


A pretty literal interpretation of You Are The Monster, Totem is a mechanically simple game about a big rockperson that walks out of the sea. Smash all the island's inhabitants with your big rock bum to trigger an ending, while appreciating some truly bloody lovely artwork, and trying to tolerate some horrible bagpipey music.

Labyrinth of Loneliness by LTPATS

Labyrinth of Loneliness

Speaking of lovely artwork, would you just look at Labyrinth of Loneliness. It's another Ludum Dare game, and one where you chase nicely sketched and animated people into fiery deathpits. Every time you do so, some cringeworthy text appears to insinuate some deeper meaning, but it's worth putting up with that for the fun chase sequences (the chasees look behind them sometimes, it's kind of cute), and of course for the striking visual style.

Subway Adventure by Stephen Lavelle

Subway Adventure

It's a new Stephen Lavelle/Increpare game—need we say more? OK, some more. It's a massive subway network filled with very strange stops expressed in a variety of colours and art styles, with roaming NPCs, and signs to click that may help you map the game world. You'll visit a range of odd, funny, glitchy stops in Subway Adventure, or you will if its juddering pedestrians will let you enter and exit your train. A lovely slice of digital tourism, in a land ripe for exploration and photo-taking.