Freddy Krueger is coming to Dead by Daylight

Every day is Halloween in Dead by Daylight, as monsters and serial killers hunt down victims to sacrifice to a dark god, but it looks like the asymmetrical multiplayer game is still getting into the spookiest time of year by introducing a new killer. Don’t fall asleep, Freddy’s coming.

Behaviour Digital have released a teaser trailer that doesn’t actually show the classic movie monster, but makes it clear that he’s coming. Presumably before Halloween. He’ll join the likes of Leatherface and Michael Myers, both of whom have been slaughtering their way through the game for a little while. 

Judging by previous killer updates, Freddy won’t be a free addition. He’ll also come with three new perks to make it easier for him to hunt down his victims. Sometimes new killers are joined by a new survivor with their own accompanying perks, as well. Michael, for instance, came with Laurie Strode. It's not clear if Freddy will be on his own.  

Details are slim at the moment, but expect more information as Halloween gets closer. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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