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This week, the PC Gamer forum shares what games they’re currently trying out and picks the best Fallout. We also look forward to Christmas (what gifts to buy yourself) and turn back the clock to reminisce about terrible hardware purchases.

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Check out this week’s top discussions:

Which Fallout is best?

Whether you happened to like the moments of... let’s call it experimentation or you’re more of a purist, a top list of the best Fallout games is tough to put together. Nonetheless, the community tries to answer the question posed by Rynwar.

Fallout 2 and Fallout 1. Then Fallout Tactics. Then New Vegas. Rest? Doesn't exist for me and the brand is dead.OsaX Nymloth

New Vegas is my favourite although I'm quite fond of 3 and 2. One is special for starting the franchise and I only played about 15 minutes of Tactics. Fallout 4 was the franchise quickly getting ill and 76 is it on its deathbed.IndecentLouie 

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Vampire the Masquerade

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What are you currently playing?

Kurdfox checks in with the rest of us and asks about what we’re currently playing. From household titles to the lesser-known, the community is all over the place with this one. 

Currently playing Vampire the Masquerade - Coteries of New York. I enjoy it quite a bit even due to some glaring missteps.Dakkon

Still playing Command & Conquer Remastered Collection and totally enjoying it. Completed both main games—C&C and Red Alert—and the C&C expansion Covert Ops. Now nearly halfway thru first RA expansion Aftermath. Only bit I detest is the few dungeon-crawling missions which are so different from the rest—but only 3 of them so far out of ~100 of the ~150 missions completed. Most missions have a significant strategic element, ie choices to make which will have consequences. This in contrast with more modern RTSs which seem to have upped the Tactics at the expense of Strategy. I'm not familiar with all the other remasters out there, but I'll be surprised if this isn't the best so far.Brian Boru 

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What would you gift to yourself?

It’s the season of Secret Santas and 190pja has a quandary: what should he put on his list this Christmas? The PC Gamer community comes through with some suggestions — you can also check out our own handy guide.

Did you consider a gamepad? It's a better controller than mouse and keyboard in some games. Personally, I use an Xbox One pad on my PC and can't imagine playing soulslike games on a keyboard and mouse.Sarafan

If your max is £50 you can get a nice pair of headphones, I can vouch for these as I have a pair and they work very well.DXCHASE

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Steam Controller

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Hardware regrets

Even with the best intentions, unfortunate purchases are unavoidable. At some point, most of us will have bought something we wish we didn’t. Jody asks about the hardware we most regret buying.

Microsoft's Sidewinder Strategic Commander controller. A control for the left hand that's shaped a bit like a giant mouse but functionally more of a joystick with a bunch of buttons. When somebody says "a solution looking for a problem" - that's what I think of.Zloth

In September I bought my used Oculus Rift S, for about 250 pounds. At that time it looked like a good deal, but 2 months after that...the Oculus Quest 2 was there and things suddenly went dark in my head. I must say: I didn't know about the Quest 2, and even then: I probably would have thought prices would have been much higher. Wasn't the best decision.badman

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