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This week on the PC Gamer forums; the Lenovo Legends Tournament, Cyberpunk 2077's new Night City Wire livestream, the times we built a PC for a specific game, and the community's favourite 'casual' games. 

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Here are the best threads from this week:

Cyberpunk 2077 – Watch Night City Wire!

CD Projekt Red revealed more about Cyberpunk 2077 on their second Night City Wire livestream this week. The stream showcased more shiny weapons, lifepath choices, and Night City living. There was also a behind-the-scenes look at Refused, the real-life Swedish band that play the in-game rock-band Samurai, fronted by Johnny Silverhand. The stream was packed with new info, so make sure to join in our Cyberpunk 2077 conversation over on the forums.

I’m not a huge fan of the format these Night City Wires have but I still appreciate whatever new snippets of gameplay and world-building they show and comment about. The gunplay might not end up being as superb as the best shooters out there but it still looks fun enough and the weapon design is freaking rad. And the lifepaths seem like a really great and important feature of the game, for me, they alone justify playing the game at least 3 times.MauMM

The gunplay looks very good in my opinion. I'm afraid however that we'll encounter enemies who can soak a ridiculous amount of bullets, especially on higher difficulty levels. This can break immersion, but I understand that it's hard to avoid it. This was a problem in The Witcher 3 and I expect to happen in CP2077 as well.Sarafran

Here's the thread

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Do you think you're better than an Apex Legends pro player?

Lenovo Legion and Intel have banded together with PC Gamer to launch an Apex Legends tournament. The Lenovo Legends Tournament will feature incredible prizes, including gaming headsets for all qualifiers and laptops for semi-finalists and finalists. You have from August 6 until August 17 to complete your entry. You can find more information about the tournament and how to enter over on the site.

Here's a link to the forum thread with some details

PC Building Simulator's Esports Expansion

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Did you ever build or buy a PC just to play one specific game?

Chris' mid-week question asks the community if we've ever built a PC just to play a specific game. Maybe you needed to upgrade your PC components to get a game to run, or just wanted to play your favourite game with all the settings maxed out? Let us know in the thread. 

The first PC I ever built was to play Star Wars: Galaxies back when it first came out. I had been a PC gamer before that, but hadn't had one in a few years and never built one myself. I bought some cheap parts from a friend, but they weren't compatible so I got to learn a bit of what worked with what and purchased some replacement parts. I've been building my own PCs ever since. RIP SWG, you were a game ahead of your time.drunkpunk

I once had to make a major upgrade to my PC in order to play an entire generation of games. I was one of the seven people stupid enough to buy a Geforce4 MX 460, a very mid range graphics card that was completely absent any texture or pixel shading tech which started becoming part of basically every game from PoP: Sands of Time onwards. I was so irrationally pissed that I got my next two GPUs from AMD instead out of spite. I also only left Windows XP for Windows 7 in order to play Just Cause 2 which needed DX10 to function.—Mazer

Here's the thread with everyone's responses

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What's your favourite 'casual' game?

Is there a game you like that's easy to pick up and play? Jody asks the forum what some of our favourite 'casual' games are along the lines of Bejeweled, Hidden Folks, and Mini Metro. What are some of your favourites?

I had to think about this for a while, as I think most games I play don't count as casual and the casual games I have tried I didn't really care for. However, there is one casual game that I played for quite a while and which I can see myself returning to: Hex Frvr. I got pretty good at it too.Pifanjr

I'm a fan of Where's Wally style games, so I love Hidden Folks. I've also been playing Hidden Through Time recently as my casual, chill-out game. I think Amanita Design's games are also great for picking up and solving a puzzle or two at a time.PCG Rachel 

What was the first video game you remember playing?
Can real-time strategy come back from the brink of death?
Your favourite building/management games
What RPG did you FINALLY find time to play?

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