Fortnite's next limited time mode, The Floor is Lava, is 'coming soon'

Fortnite Season 8 is in full swing and sees the world stuffed with pirates, ninjas, and all that lovely loot to boot. But if you thought the island's lava-spewing volcano and volcanic vents were just for show, though, think again—turns out lava will be the theme of the next limited-time mode, too.

While developer Epic remains coy and is not sharing the details quite yet, eagle-eyed players have spotted the references to the next limited time mode nestled in the in-game newsfeed. It doesn't give away much, admittedly—the description merely says "get to high ground or build above the lava that's overtaking the island"—but the label (thanks, Eurogamer) intimates the game will be coming soon. From the look of this accompanying image, it might just well be a duos mode...

Fortnite's latest tomfoolery saw it add a giant hamster ball with a grappling gun to the game, but the critter was shortly removed. Epic didn't expand on why the creature had been removed, and only confirmed via Twitter that it was investigating a "stability issue". 

More than 100 emotes, outfits and other unlockables have been unleashed via Fortnite's new battle pass, and it should also be easier than ever to complete challenges thanks to the new party assist system.