'Fortnite's first Season 6 teaser depicts a robot llama DJ' is a headline I never thought I'd write

With three days left until Fortnite Season 6 drops, Epic has taken to its social media pages to tease upcoming skins and themes in its usual inexplicable fashion. Last season we theorized over a kitsune mask and burgers. This season, it's a robotic llama DJ because of course it's a robotic llama DJ. 

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This is where I'd usually try to tie what we see here to recent in-game events, but really, all I have to go on in the image is the lightning, the glyphs, and the color purple. Clearly, the cube is part of this. But we all thought it was going to summon evil doppelgangers or a castle or a snowy region. That all might still happen, but we did not expect a robot llama with sick cans to save or ruin the day. Whatever, I'm along for the ride. If Season 6 is party themed (and since it's arriving a day after the one-year anniversary of Fortnite Battle Royale, a party is in order) then I'll party. Dancing, nodding my head to the beat while my editors watch from the dark corners of the room only emerging to tell me to keep dancing, to never stop dancing, dance until there's no dancing left. 

Fortnite Season 6 releases this Thursday. 

James Davenport

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