Fortnite's 14 Days of Summer event kicks off tomorrow

Just as Epic shuts its office doors in sunny North Carolina to give its employees two weeks off, Fortnite Season 10's 14 Days of Summer event is set to begin tomorrow, bringing daily events, unvaultings, and rewards.

Epic provided details on the event in an official blog post. Each of Fortnite's modes will have stuff to do over the two-week summer event, and you'll be able to earn new rewards and complete challenges every day.

In Creative, there will be a new featured island to check out each day until July 8. In Save the World, you'll have a new quest to do every day, which will be geared toward hosting a big summer shindig at your Homebase. You'll also be able to earn some free rewards and pick up summer-themed outfits in the item shop. Finishing all 14 quests will earn you "a new explosive weapon."

Battle Royale will see a new weapon brought out of the vault for each 24-hour period of the event, and every day will also feature its own limited-time mode, daily challenge, and free reward. The LTMs include goofy modifiers like a water balloon mode, a mode where everyone deploys into vehicles, and one called Heavy Metal Squads that only spawns weapons with "heavy" in the name and lets you collect metal faster.

Plenty to do in Fortnite, then, for the next couple weeks, and that's on top of the ongoing Season 9 challenges.