Fortnitemares 2021: When it starts, classic monster skins, and what else we know

fortnitemares 2021: Frankenstein goes boo!
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Fortnitemares 2021 is officially on. The Fortnite Halloween event is back once again to offer up new skins, new activities, and more sPoOkY content all month.

The big draw this year is the addition of the Universal Classic Monsters, including Frankenstein (that's Frankenstein's monster, thank you) and the Mummy. That's the Boris Karloff version, not the sexy shirtless Arnold Vosloo who fought Brendan Fraser. C'est la vie.

There are also several new Halloween-themed skins ready for players to purchase that combine old favorites and new outfits. Read on for our full guide to Fortnitemares 2021.

Fortnitemares start time

If you're reading this, Fortnitemares is officially on. The event was announced and simultaneously launched on October 5 at 10am ET, though the teasers were plentiful beforehand.

Fortnitemares: Universal Classic Monster skins

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Epic is adding skins based on the Universal Classic Monster lineup. Up first, we've got Frankenstein's monster in his classic green-skinned and bolt-necked style. He's got several cosmetics, including a gravedigging shovel for a pickaxe, a brain in a jar for his back bling, and a weapon wrap that turns your guns into patchwork corpses just like the man himself. Though Mary Shelley wrote and published the original "Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus" in 1818, it's the 1931 Universal film starring the incredible Boris Karloff that most folks consider the definitive pop culture incarnation.

Up next is the classic Mummy (also played by Karloff) based on the 1932 film. Karloff plays Imhotep, an ancient mummy awoken by researchers who use a magic scroll, before he sets off to find a woman he believes to be the reincarnation of his princess. If you ever watched Brendan Fraser fight the Mummy in the 1999 version, you get the gist, minus the plague-summoning magic powers. All that said, Fortnite's Mummy skin will be released sometime later this month, and an NPC version of him will later be seen walking around the island.

Presumably some other Universal Classic Monster skins will be added to the item shop down the road. Other options could include the Wolfman, Dracula, the Invisible Man, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Fortnitemares skins

We've got plenty of new skins that don't fall under the Universal Classic Monster line. Returning skins include the pumpkin outfits, seen below.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Then we've got two new skins called "Boxy" and "Boxer" based on community-made designs. Hey, it's more effort than any outfit than I make.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Then we've got Geometriks, a fellow made of purple cubes. It seems someone has taken the theme of Fortnite season 8 a little too seriously.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Then there's Iones, a goth woman who's clearly a werewolf and not really afraid to flaunt it.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnitemares events: What's happening on the island

According to Epic, and some insight from data miner HypeX, the cubes scattered around the island are going to converge in the center. Presumably some event will kick off when they all reach their destination. Ideally we don't get a sentient cube that wants revenge.

In the meantime, new quests will be added that will let you earn spooky cosmetics. Epic is also adding the Dual Fiend Hunters crossbow, a new weapon that deals extra damage to fiends in the Sideways zones.

If you've enjoyed previous years' "Short Nites" film festival events, you'll probably want to check out "Shortnitemares," a spooky take on the original event. As in previous fests, Fortnite will debut animated shorts, but this time the shows will take place in a new theater map created by Quantum Builds.

At the theater you'll have the option to watch the shorts in whatever order you like. Shortnitemares will wrap up Fortnitemares, so keep an eye out for that near the end of the month.

Finally, Epic says that more Fortnitemares details will be announced throughout the month, so expect some pleasant (or scary) surprises.

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