Where to find Zero Point and crystal trees in Fortnite

fortnite zero point crystal trees
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Fortnite Season 5 week 13 has quite a few scavenger hunt quests, forcing players to search across the map for specific locations in order to earn some bonus XP. Two of the final challenges this week ask you to enter the Zero Point and then destroy five crystal trees.

It's not the hardest set of challenges, but definitely easier if you know where to go. For your trouble, you'll get a whopping 40,000 XP after completing both.

Note: You'll need to first complete the "deal damage with a pistol (300)," then "scan a server at a Surface Hub," then "bathe in the purple pool at Steamy Stacks" before these challenges will unlock.

Where is Zero Point in Fortnite

Zero Point is the giant portal that every "hunter" character in Season 5 ostensibly arrived through (pictured above), also bringing the weird desert full of purple rock formations. It's the dead center of the map, and to complete this challenge you'll need to glide (or climb) your way to the orb. Get close enough and it'll automatically suck you in and spit you out.

Where to find Crystal trees

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Note: You might have to start a new match after finishing the Zero Point challenge before this challenge will unlock.

Crystal trees are a little harder to find, even in a giant desert full of crystal rock formations. You're not destroying the larger jagged rocks, you're actually looking for skinnier, tree-like crystals (pictured above) that only appear in two locations around the desert. Both spots contain enough of these trees to complete the challenge in one go.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

I recommend heading to the northeast location highlighted in the picture above. It's a destroyed house surrounded by five crystal trees, which is nice and convenient. If you see one, you should see the other four. Simply hit them with your pickaxe or shoot them to destroy them. As soon as you've destroyed five, you'll see the challenge has been completed.

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