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16-year-old 'Bugha' wins $3M Fortnite World Cup solos prize

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(Image credit: Epic Games)

The very first Fortnite World Cup (opens in new tab) is over and the results are in for the solos competition. 16-year-old Kyle 'Bugha (opens in new tab)' Giersdorf took home the win, and by a landslide, nearly doubling the second place point total of 33 with 59 points after six rounds of intense competition. 

He's taking home a cool $3 million for the first place slot, and doesn't even have to split it with a duos partner. (Poor Nyhrox and Aqua, who are going home with a measly $1.5 million after taking first in the duos championship.) 

Bugha opened the series with a win, but didn't fare too well until resurfacing in match four by making the top five, stacking up elimination points along the way. Consistent performance kept Bugha's score high despite no more Victory Royales. Making it to the top 10 and playing aggressively cemented his early lead, even into the final match where he hit the top 10 again, taking out player after player with a smile on his face. Victory was assured.

Watch all six of today's matches in the archived footage below. 

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