Epic will not reinstate Fortnite's Playground mode until next week

Fortnite's time-limited Playground mode, which was added this week and then promptly removed because of matchmaking errors, will not return until next week, Epic Games has announced. 

The mode was introduced on Wednesday, and features hour-long matches that players can muck about in, build as much as they want, and kill their teammates with friendly fire. You gather resources 10x faster than normal, and there are more llamas and chests to loot. You also get unlimited respawns until the last five minutes, when the storm starts to close in.

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Later the same day, however, Epic disabled the mode, citing "issues with our matchmaking services". It's been trying to get the mode back up and running over the past few days, but now it won't be playable until next week.

The developer will provide another update on Monday, it said.

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Samuel Horti

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