How to find Capsule Corp drops and unlock the Kamehameha in Fortnite

fortnite x db capsule
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The Fortnite x Dragon Ball event is now live and you might have noticed some Capsule Corp capsules falling from the skies above. Picking up one of these capsules allows you to use the powerful Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud, so it's well worth chasing these as they appear during a match.

You'll also need to find and use these extra abilities if you want to complete the various Dragon Ball challenges on offer, so let's take a look at where to find the Capsule Corp capsules and how to wield the Kamehameha.

Where to find Capsule Corp drops 

Let's start with the bad news: drop points for the capsules are randomised each match, so there's no exact location I can give. The good news is that they appear very close to many named locations, like Reality Falls, north of Lazy Lagoon and Sleepy Sound.

When they begin to fall, you'll hear a very loud and slightly ominous whooshing noise. This is the signal that several capsules are about to land, so open up your map and it'll show you where the various capsules are going to fall. You'll also see a trail in the sky the closer they get to the ground and an orange hue on the horizon once they're down, so you need to leg it to reach them first.

How to open capsules and get the Kamehameha 

If you reach the capsule first, run towards it and follow the onscreen prompt to extract what's inside—namely, the Kamehameha and the Nimbus Cloud. The Nimbus Cloud will let you yeet yourself a considerable distance through the air then ride awayon a little cloud, which is perfect when you're trying to win a match. or escape opponents. The Kamehameha, on the other hand, unleashes a devastating beam of energy that will obliterate your foes—power comes in response to a need, not a desire, after all.

Of course, other players will be trying to get their hands on the capsule, so make sure you've got a weapon or two handy to make sure you're not eliminated just as you reach it. 

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