Where to find all of Fortnite's vending machines

That extra bolt-action rifle will cost you, but learning the locations of Fornite's vending machines won't. Introduced in the v3.4 update, they're are a new way to get geared in exchange for some fat stacks of materials. Fork over enough wood, brick, or metal and you'll get whatever gun is advertised (though you can also bash the vending machine with a pickaxe to change up the selection). 

But to get what you need in a bind, you'll first need to know where to find the vending machines. Lucky for us, the folks at Fortnite Intel scoured the map for all known locations of the incandescent gun fridges, and marked them up in a glossy JPEG for players to study. 

Take a look at it above, but remember that before you can even think of dropping 500 bricks for a grenade launcher, you'll need to know how to gather that many stacks in the first place. Our Fortnite building tips can help out with that. 

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