Fortnite's latest update brings vending machines

You take one long weekend off work and return to discover there's a comet hurtling towards Fortnite. Panic buying in the face of minute snowfall is bad enough—imagine how strapped for resources we'll be during an extinction event? Thank goodness Battle Royale's latest update welcomes vending machines.

In exchange for materials, vending machines promise "three different deals, rarity and items chosen at random," so reads update v3.4's patch notes. The machines will be scattered across the map with Common items selling for 100 materials, Uncommon for 200, Rare for 300, Epic for 400, and Legendary for 500 materials.

"Each Vending Machine offers three different deals, rarity and items chosen at random," the notes add. "To switch items faster, hit the Vending Machine with your Pickaxe. There is no purchase limit to the items available."

Elsewhere, Remote Explosives and Guided Missiles enter Battle Royale's High Explosives v2 limited-time mode, while Save the World welcomes an Easter Egg Launcher. As an aside, Luke Winkie's piece on how Fortnite PvE fans feel about Battle Royale taking over the game they love is well worth reading. 

Fortnite's latest update also tweaks drop rates and weapon accuracy among other things—check out the patch notes in full for more on all of that. 

Update: Epic has now dropped the following vending machine teaser. Observe:

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