Fortnite v4.2 update adds Burst Assault Rifles and healthy apples

Between patch delays (opens in new tab), the departure of Thanos (opens in new tab) and a rubber duckie invasion (opens in new tab), it's been a busy week in Fortniteland so far. Epic has now unveiled everything en route to both Battle Royale and Save the World via update v4.2 (opens in new tab)—including Burst Assault Rifles, Perk Recombobulators, Quad Launchers, and, um, apples. 

Exclusive to BR, the Burst Assault Rifle uses medium ammo and deals 32/33 damage. Obtained as floor loot, inside Treasure Chests, from Supply Drops, or within Vending Machines, the Burst has the same damage fall-off range as other assault rifles and looks something like this:

The Perk Recombobulator and Quad Launcher, on the other hand, are limited to Fortnite's Save the World. From back to the front, the Quad packs four incendiary rockets that "leave balls of fire behind after they explode". It's available from the Weekly Event Store, and is due to unlock today at 5pm PST/tomorrow at 1am BST. The Perk Recombobulator is unlocked after completing Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 2, and replaces and upgrades perks. Head in this direction (opens in new tab) for more on how it works.  

Back to Battle Royale, nutritious apples are now scattered across the map. A new Foraged Item, these tasty treats deal five health and can be "uncommonly" found hanging from trees on the field. 

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Update v4.2 also applies a standard haul of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks—the sum of which can be perused this-a-way (opens in new tab). One particular adjustment I think sounds handy is the introduction of 'Auto-Pickup'. Enabled in the settings menu, this lets players automatically grab weapons and consumables by walking over them, assuming there's an available inventory slot for the items in question. 

Fortnite Intel has more information on this week's challenges (opens in new tab), and also reports meteor repairs (opens in new tab) are underway:

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