Tips for using Fortnite's toys

We’ve all been there: you and your buddies are making a beeline for Tilted Towers, but you run into a bunch of weirdos knocking around a beach-ball. Fortnite added toys in Season 5 and added a new one in Season 6, giving players more to do than murder one another. While you might pad your kill-to-death ratio by slaughtering all of them, or leave them to their harmless fun, you might find yourself wondering—how exactly do I become a pro golfer on the Fortnite tour? Well, here’s how.

How do you get these toys? 

The beach ball, golf ball, and basketball are “toys,” introduced into Fortnite at the start of Season 5 back in July. To unlock them, you had to buy a Battle Pass and barrel your way through tier after tier of rewards to finally get your hands on them. The basketball unlocked at tier 11, the golf ball at tier 27, and the beach ball at tier 43, so good luck out there. A throwable tomato has been added as the latest toy in Fortnite Season 6's Battle Pass, unlockable at tier 28.

 OK, I’ve unlocked the toys. How do I use them? 

For the game’s purposes, these toys are treated as emotes, so just use the wheel like you would with any of the game’s wonderful, lively dances. Make sure you have it equipped in your locker! On a keyboard, it’s the B key, if you need a refresher.

What do I do with these things, anyway? 

For the beach ball, there isn’t really much to do other than try to keep it up in the air with your friends. Jumping against it gives it a little more momentum, as does whacking it with your Harvesting Tool. Once it hits the ground, it’s only a matter of time before it disappears. You could also try to play a sort of volleyball with it at the net near Lazy Links.

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With the basketball, there are a number of hoops dotted around the map that you can try to nail with a jumper, such as near Retail Row, Greasy Grove, and the full court in Tilted Towers. You need to make sure to aim your reticle such that you get a good arc on your shot. If you manage to get it in the hoop, it’ll show up on the killfeed. Make sure to only go for it when you’re clear of targets—trying to line up your shot makes you easy prey for a sniper, so check your six.

The golf ball is a little more intuitive. If you look on your map, you’ll find Lazy Links in the north of the map, in the dead center. If you wander around there enough, you’ll find a nine-hole golf course for you to try your hand at. Like the basketball, the position of your reticle will have a significant effect on the path of the ball, so make sure to fine-tune it before you hit the links for real. If you actually want to play a few holes with your friends, stick to the Playground mode—you’ll probably end up bleeding out before you hit par if you try it in a competitive setting, so save it for later.

As for the tomato, just throw it anyone that you like (or dislike).