Where to find and play Fortnite's sheet music

Fortnite Season 7 is just one week away, so it's time to finish up all those challenges you've left behind. In a good, old-fashioned throwback to mandatory band and orchestra days, Fortnite Season 6's sixth week of challenges has you reading sheet music and performing some simple tunes on massive pianos. First, you'll need to find sheet music and then play it, which also requires finding those big pianos nearby. We've found them all in case you want a shortcut to musical stardom. 

This challenge has multiple stages, meaning different parts of it will unlock one after the other. To start off the challenge, you'll need to find a stand with sheet music in Pleasant Park. This first stage can be found by entering the house to the northern middle section of Pleasant Park with the giant spider outside. It's on the first floor of the house. Interact with the sheet music and then finish your match to finish that part of the challenge and move on to the next part, detailed below the map. 

The second part of the challenge tasks you with playing the sheet music you just found at a big piano found on the ground nearby. The piano itself is found on the hill to the west of Pleasant Park. Play this music to finish part two of the challenge: C E G E C.

Once completed, the challenge will then shift to a new location in Retail Row, inside of a building on the east end of the area. You'll then need to play that music at the piano found near the location, on a hill southeast of the area.

Once you've finished playing the music (A E F A E C A), you will finish the fourth and final stage of the challenge and get your well-earned battle stars. Now run to the nearest piano and show off your new skills. 

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