How to eliminate Shadow Midas and get his mythic drum gun in Fortnite

shadow midas
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Fortnitemares continues to spook along, and the new challenges keep on coming. Epic has added in what seems to be the final batch of Fortnitemares challenges, and players have their work cut out for them. As teased at the start of Fortnitemares, "Shadow Midas" appeared at the new Ruins POI (a repurposed Agency/Authority) and is now a new boss character to defeat.

That's just what you'll need to do for this challenge: Eliminate Midas and get his mythic drum gun.

That's way easier said than done, though, and there's a reason Epic suggests tackling this challenge with three other friends. Not only is Midas a formidable boss, he'll also be surrounded by henchmen. That's to say nothing of the dozens of players who will likely flock to the Ruins for its loot at the start of a game. Each time I jumped in to eliminate Midas, I was inevitably swarmed by enemy players or racing them to be the first to eliminate Midas.

No worries, though. This guide we've whipped up should help you figure out where to find Shadow Midas and how to defeat him, even if you're playing solo.

Shadow Midas location

shadow midas

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Shadow Midas will always be found at the Ruins. Fortnite players will recognize the Ruins from its previous incarnations: The Agency from season 2 and the Authority from season 3.

The Ruins is located in the dead center of the map. You'll typically find Shadow Midas, now a purple glowing version of his former self, in the central part of the building. I've mostly found him to hover around the second or third floor in the main hall.

Tips for eliminating Shadow Midas

shadow midas

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Eliminating Shadow Midas is no easy task. It's just as difficult as most previous boss fights in Fortnite history, but Midas' drum gun and the layers of security around him certainly make it harder.

First things first, I suggest landing at the Ruins as fast as possible and shaking down one of the white-suited henchmen. This will highlight Shadow Midas' location in the area so you can find him more efficiently, and hopefully beat other players to the punch.

Secondly, use the environment to your advantage. Midas is a tough boss, but Epic has never made boss AI particularly smart. If you have a column or some other cover to hide behind, utilize it so you can pop off a few shots at his head and then duck back into cover.

If you notice someone else shooting Shadow Midas, and you don't particularly care about winning the whole match, I'd suggest just trying to shoot him more, as whoever gets that final shot is the one who ultimately gets the credit.

Don't forget that you also have to grab Midas' mythic drum gun to complete the challenge. If someone else grabs it first, you'll have to take it from them. The key to this fight is being fast, efficient, and aggressive. It might take you a couple tries, especially if a million other players are gunning for him as well.

It's also worth noting that I haven't been able to test whether or not being a ghost still allows you to eliminate Shadow Midas. He'll definitely still attack you, though, so be careful and don't be afraid to get out of the fight ASAP.

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