Fortnite Season 4 will launch tomorrow

Fortnite has spent the last fortnight talking comets and Twitter teasers. Now, developer Epic Games has told players to "brace for impact" as they "witness Season 4 tomorrow".

Given Season 3 was expected to wrap up today, this perhaps isn't the biggest surprise—but it does mean we're likely to discover the fourth campaign's theme sooner rather than later. As outlined in James' everything we know so far roundup, Season 3 brought with it astronaut-themed goodies—not least the fish-headed Leviathan space helmet skin—and we suspect the next will focus on superheroes (and, we think, supervillains). 

Season 3 also overhauled the western side of the battle royale 'em up's map, so we'll be disappointed if the eastern coast doesn't receive similar treatment here.

What we're less clear on is the weapons Season 4 will introduce, and indeed how long the fourth outing will run for. 

Epic has consistently tweaked the Fortnite formula since launch, though, so I guess we should expect the unexpected. And while we're speaking of surprises, let's again appreciate this jaw-dropping reaction to the last week's meteor contact:

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