Find easy Fortnite Battle Pass points between a playground, campsite, and footprint

Fortnite Season 4 Week 6 is upon us, officially tipping over into the season's second half, and with a new week come new Battle Pass challenges. Welcome, Googlers. No doubt you’re here to find the “search between a playground, campsite, and a footprint” solution. Dutifully, I present you with what you seek. The only place you can find a massive footprint in Fortnite is northeast of Greasy Grove, where what looks like a godzilla pad smashed through a small building.

Head directly east from the footprint or west from Greasy Grove's playground to find a lonely patch of dirt hiding the Battle Star. Interact with it for 10 easy points. Take a peek at the map below for more precise directions. 

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James Davenport

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