Where to find the repair torch in Fortnite

fortnite fire repair torch
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As part of the weekly Fortnite challenges, you'll need to use a repair torch to fix a vehicle. Vehicles can be found all around the Fortnite map, including an armoured version of the beloved battle bus. You can do some decent damage by mowing down enemies in a vehicle but eventually, it'll take damage, especially if you crash into fences and walls as I do. You'll need to seek out specific locations to get a repair torch, so let's take a look at where to find them.

fortnite repair torch

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Where to find a repair torch 

Alongside being a handy tool for fixing cars, trucks and other vehicles, the repair torch can also be used as a weapon. It shoots out a fairly long flame and can damage opponents and structures. You can even start a wildfire with one, which is handy when you're in the final circle.

Repair torches are often found in gas stations and garages, and can sometimes be found as floor loot on IO airships and some named locations around the maps. They have random spawning, though, so your best bet is to visit gas stations. You'll also need to make sure the repair torch is filled with gas. If you deplete its resources, you can refill it by standing next to the pumps at the station.

After that, head over to the vehicle you want to repair and aim it towards it. It can even heal IO tanks, so it's worth keeping in your arsenal during a match. 

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